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Enjoy a completely free communication platform

Communicate freely

Communicate in your city, simply by messages 150 characters.All users, including those who do not know you yet, see your messages.

Increase your visibility

Increase your visibility, sales while decreasing your advertising budget.

Create your own e-shop

For retailers, create your online shop and add your products simply.

Vous utilisez déjà Facebook, Twitter et les autres ?


With Pick-in, no need to be experienced to be seen.

Save time

Centralize your communication with Pick-in.

Link accounts

Linking your Facebook, Twitter.


Post your messages directly to other social networks at once.

Invite customers' (and potential customers') 'a unique experience!

How it works ?

All the people who installed the application Pick-In on their smartphone or tablet '(IOS and Android') 'receive your messages as they approach one of your tags.

You can have as many tags as you like, and each tag sends its own message.

It is therefore possible to have a beacon at the entrance of your retail to alert your customers and other tags inside to guide your customers to specific products.

Through our analytical platform, you can learn more about the interests of customers, the time they spend in your store ...

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9 € HT/balise/mois

Confiez nous votre communication

Pas le temps de vous occuper de votre communication ? Nous le faisons pour vous.

Notre service s'occupe de publier pour vous votre actualité, ainsi, vous pouvez vous concentrer sur votre activité.

A partir de 9€ HT/mois

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Mettez votre commerce en valeur en plaçant votre actualité en première position

Nous proposons de placer le message que vous souhaitez dans le top des messages.

Votre actualité est visible en permanence et est toujours en première position.

Vous souhaitez encore plus de visibilité ?

Nous proposons des services personnalisés : bannières, mailing ...

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